Sunday, June 29, 2014


The word "Charis" is the Greek noun for God's unmerited favor, or as we call it, grace.  Grace has been my go to word this year.  Grace.  A beautiful gift that is given to us all daily.  Grace, peace, joy, delight...all words that mean such beautiful things.  Is it possible to live these words out?  When most days we watch the news, hear of tragedies, see hurtful and harmful things happen to those around us, and sometimes have those things happen to you.  How do we find that grace, peace, joy...?

It takes a daily, deliberate plan to live a life full of grace, peace, joy, delight, etc.  For yourself and for others.  It takes a lot of work.  The good thing is that we are designed to be deliberate.  The popular word used today is, "intentional" I'm a user of this word because I like that it pertains to a purpose, and it means that you're doing something.  Can you believe that the Lord intentionally made you?  Yes, you are beautifully, wonderfully, and intentionally made.  So awesome. Being deliberate, intentional, or having a plan are amazing actions we get to choose to live out.

Grace is not just given to a few's given to everyone. It's those mistakes you make, the embarrassment you feel, and the grace that God has given to cover all of the above--that is what makes grace beautiful.  The Lord's unmerited favor to us all.  

His peace, joy, and delight are desires of the heart, and through so much grace we have all been given the gift of intentional life.  

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