Monday, May 5, 2014

The Orphans

So often I get caught up in my wants, desires, dreams, and I forget that I have so much more I need to do in this life.  See, I'm coming to realize that we all make a choice at some point in our existence to actually live for something. To have faith in something. To give our time, money, thoughts, desires into something that we believe will make a difference to our well-being or another person's life.  All growing up I saw this with my parents- the sacrifices my mom and dad both made to make my life special. The love they pour out on my brothers, my sister, and myself to this day. They will never stop loving me..what a powerful statement to make.

Yesterday, as I was spending Sunday morning at an orphanage with one of my dear friends, I realized while holding two little ones in my arms that these babies would have to make a choice someday.  Just like us. These babies, with no families, with no mama or baba, would have to make choices all on their own to live for something.

As I was sitting, feeding baby Isaac his rice and beans, little Benny (quite the handful..and a bit of a trouble maker) came up to me, climbed up, sat on my lap, took the spoon, and started to feed Isaac.  He wanted to help take care of the baby...that was his little sit on my lap and help. His sweet spirit was shining through in that moment-a spirit that was so special and dear it made me want to cry.  He sat there until all of the older children (about 4 or 5 years old) came over and said there was a mouse in the toilet.  I mean, I would've wanted to check it out, too, if I were him. After the mouse incident, he came over to sit with me again. It's seeing the sweetness and tenderness that the Lord has placed into the hearts of little one's that will never cease to amaze me.

My heart breaks for the orphans in the world.  I wish I could take all of them home to love and cherish. I wish I could sit there and feed all the little one's who need to be fed, and teach the little one's like Benny to develop that sweet spirit of helping.  I want them to have parents that sacrifice to make their lives special. As I write I get excited...because I know that they already have a Father.  They have Jesus, who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Jesus, who has made each little one unique, special, and beautiful.  Jesus, who forgives and loves.  Jesus, who gives everlasting life and will never leave or forsake.

We've been given a special command--to take care of the widows and the orphans. This is the choice I want to make.  Because, God never stops loving us and has given us the ability to love, and I believe that is the most powerful statement that can ever be made.   
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