Friday, March 7, 2014


 Someone looked at me and said "why are you so precious?"  I didn't really know what he meant, but while I was driving back home this question kept repeating in my head. "Why are you so precious?"  Maybe it was just word choice, but the thought of being "precious" hit me in a completely different way than I believe he was meaning it to.  Growing up I used to hear people say "you are a precious treasure"  or like the children's song says, "you are precious in His sight" so why all of a sudden did this question completely throw me off?  

How often do you go through life feeling like you don't have a purpose?  Or feeling like you may be wasting your time and energy on things that are meaningless?  These are easy things to dwell upon at any age or stage in life, but how often do you realize that you are precious?  Truly unique, beautiful, different, and completely one of a kind, precious??      

With one question I was reminded that we are all precious and so very special.  

I was reminded that The Lord created us as individuals with different personalities and strengths so that we are able to love one another just as Christ loves us. We may question our purpose on this earth or the energy and time we spend on the work we are doing, but the moment we recognize that we are precious in Him is the moment we can truly live out our very precious lives. Whether you are sitting at a desk, teaching, or flying airplanes...your life is beautiful and powerful.  

Why are you so precious?  Because The Lord designed you as His precious child.  

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