Monday, January 14, 2013


So, I made it!  Thank you all for your prayers!

I arrived in Kilimanjaro yesterday, and yes, I saw the mountain!  It's pretty awesome.  I live right next to Kili's sister mountain called Meru. Meru is about 15,000ft. and can be quite challenging to climb I hear...maybe I'll climb it one day?  Ok, so I got into Kili around 10am, bought my visa, went through customs, and then met Pat who's the head of the organization I'm working for here in TZ.  I took a nap, and then woke up to go to dinner last night with most of the staff and a few others from around the area.  It was great meeting everyone...but I was definitely feeling the jet lag!

This morning I woke up a bit late, and when I tried to open the door the handle was broken. I was stuck inside of my room--welcome to Africa.  So, I stuck my head out the window and waited for someone to walk by, and thankfully one of the pilots pulled up a few minutes later and let me out.  It's already been quite the adventure over here!  The rest of the day I toured the facilities, and started my job training.

It's very different living here--there are tons of bugs that I'm hoping I'll get used to, I need to learn Swahili as soon as possible, and I have a lot to learn for my new job.  Have I mentioned the driving yet? Well, I'm sure that will be it's own post soon.

I pray the Lord uses this time I have in Tanzania to break my heart for people, and to share His light and hope!

There's a lot more to write already...but I'll have to save it for a later time.  Thanks again for the prayer support!



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