Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chanel & Africa

And, I'm still packing...

I've weighed my luggage, and I'm pretty sure I'll need to re-arrange a few things by Friday morning...praying it all fits.  I have to pack a couple of airplane parts, too.  It's just crazy to think that by Sunday morning (late Saturday night in the US) I'll be in Tanzania.  There will be a lot to do the first week, so hopefully I stay healthy and get over the jet lag quickly!

My packing list will be available sometime next week...I'm hoping to know what I have forgotten by then.  I know, without a doubt, that I will have forgotten something...probably important.

Alright, so just in case anyone wants to know...

I did a little bit of research regarding mosquitoes.  Sadly, they are attracted to perfume.  This is especially sad because my mom gave me a bottle of Chance by Chanel.  Those terrible little things are attracted to quite a few things actually, so here's a link just in case anyone decides to move somewhere where mosquitoes are prevalent--


By the way...Pinterest has some awesome pictures of Tanzania!  I can't wait to take my own, but if you get the chance look at my Pinterest--

Pinterest- Elsa Klarich


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