Sunday, November 16, 2014


I arrived back from clinics yesterday evening, walked out to the car, and had a flat tire....again.  Usually, when that happens, I'm just thankful it's on the car and not on the plane.  Changing a C206 tire in the bush is one of those experiences I'm not looking forward to, but one I know I can handle if needed.

That's nice, right?  Knowing you can handle something, anything.   It's a confidence thing...or an epiphany of sorts!  Realizing that you can handle life, the world, your day to day living.  My day to day living just so happens to be me hoping I don't have to change a flat airplane tire, but your life is altogether different than mine.  That's amazing.  I love that we all have to handle something different, but that we can all still connect in some lovely, unique way.

The other day I was flying into some rough weather, and thought about my journey to get to that exact moment in my life (actually, I was thinking about how I wanted to get from 9000ft to 3000ft without freaking my doctors out...but anyways) and realized that the responsibilities in my life are enormous.  Whether it's flying an airplane full of doctors or taking a grandmother to the hospital...I've been given a responsibility to help, love, and go.  And, the ability to handle it all.

No matter how many times people ask me how many years I've been flying, how old I am, or that I don't look like a pilot (cause they expected a 50 year old man to fly) I know that the Lord's purpose for my life and your life is brilliant, bright, and that you WILL be able to handle it.

Just...go for it.

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